Registrations and Approvals
Aims and Objectives

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Registrations and Approvals
Organisation or governmental body Relation
Pro-Action Network in Education and Skill Training [PANEST] Leading Member
Ghana Education Service [GES] Approved Senior High School
Ghana National Association of Private Schools [GNAPS] Active Member
West African Examinations Council [WAEC] Accredited WASSCE Course Provider & Exam Centre
National Vocational Training Institute [NVTI] Accredited NVTI Course provider & Exam Centre
Panest Soccer Academy Partner
Aims and Objectives

to provide varied and affordable secondary school education which aims at success for further (tertiary) education to provide skills to the youth that will make them employable after their course of study to build into the youth socially acceptable attitudes and discipline through well structured education and development programs and environment.


SUBSEC, originally Sunyani Business College (SUBUSCO) was established in 1982 with the aim of helping to widen and vary the secondary school education sector.

SUBUSCO became a success story as it became a pre-tertiary mand skill training institution for over four hundred students from the Brong Ahafo, Western and Northern regions and beyond, including neighbouring Cote d’Ivoire.

In 1990, SUBUSCO was quick to adopt the new government education reform programme which phased out the GCE system for the SSSCE. The school became the first private institution in the region to be approved to run the programme and was then renamed Sunyani Business Secondary School (SUBSEC).

However, the new policy became a big blow to SUBUSCO as private institutions were excluded from very important government support such as finance, logistics and staffing and even selection/admission of basic school leavers.

As a result, enrolment felt drastically to below 50 at some point in time and only managed to survive by divine intervention as several other private colleague institutions collapsed. In response, a former alternative course (RSA Stage II – Business Studies, now General Business Certificate Examination-GBCE) and a supplementary course (National Vocational Training Institute – Typing, Stenography and Senior Typist) were re-introduced.

the yearly canvassing for admission was intensified to project the school to potential students and their parents/guardians in and beyond the catchment area. In addition, the management responded positively to the long-standing public request and re-established the basic school (I.P.S.) as a department which eventually helped in both numerical and financial aspects. Thankfully, the school has resumed growth which average at about twenty percent per annum. Currently, the enrolment stands at about 250 students.


In light of the mission and set goals and objectives, a lot has been achieved as a youth development oriented organisation. Our schools are well known for the non-selective admission policy as we believe in inclusion, universal educationand equal opportunity. This is why our programs are and continue to be diversified to provide for a wider range and levels of abilities.pic-pyfc

Many students who passed through the SUBUSCO/ SUBSEC have got the chance to further their education at the universities, polytechnics, teacher training colleges and professional courses institutions.

A recognisable proportion also gain direct employment in the public and private sector courtesy of our NVTI, NACVET and GBCE/RSA II programs.

Our products who get the chance to travel abroad find the course very useful as references are always being requested for jobs or further education.

This is not to forget those who apply their skills in managing family businesses or setting up their own.

In fact, one would be sure to find an old student in most parts of every town and village in the Brong Ahafo, upper Western, and closer parts of the Ashanti, Northern and Upper regions and neighbouring Cote d’Ivoire.

Due to our consistency, SUBSEC is now a WAEC approved examinations centre since 2006. This makes us the first privately managed school, once again, to achieve this in the Brong Ahafo Region.

The sky is the limit, by the grace of God.

Skill Training [PANEST]

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