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1. Personal details

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3. Other details

4. Home address

Select and provide one that best provides your home address.

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5. Education

6. Applying for

Indicate the class you want to join.

Indicate the course you want to study.

SUBSEC is in collaboration with Panest Football Academy. If you play football and you want to develop further in it, you may want to be a football trainee at the academy.

7. Student declaration

Student declaration

I declare that all information I have provided on this form is correct. I promise that I will obey the rules and regulations of Sunyani Business Senior High School if I am admitted. I understand that I shall be subject to disciplinary actions in case of a breach. I also understand that I may be charged to pay for the cost of any damages I make to school property; and that I also stand to be charged for any harm I cause to other people.

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8. Parental agreement

Give the name of the main person in charge of the student applicant's education and welfare.

Enter phone number of parent or guardian.

Enter address of parent or guardian

Enter town of parent or guardian

I, the above-named parent or guardian of the applicant, hereby agree that: I will sponsor my ward for the course and declare myself responsible for the payment of all fees and other charges billed to him/her. I shall give a full term’s notice before I may withdraw the student. If I fail to give such notice, I shall make payment of a full term’s fees. I agree to be a member of the Parent-Teacher Association and would attend all meetings, pay my dues and levies regularly towards the welfare of my ward and the school in general. Fees paid to the school are not refundable.

Click to agree.

9. Photograph

Passport photo

Click on the link below to upload a passport photo of the student applicant. If you are using a mobile phone, you will be able to take a new photo now with the phone camera. Please ensure the photo is in the form of a standard passport photo, clearly showing the face, eyes looking straight ahead into the camera and both ears showing.

10. Submit application

Your application is ready to be submitted.  You can submit now or use the back button to review your information before submitting it.

Our courses

Sunyani Business Senior High School is a GES approved SHS, running most WASSCE courses. We are also a WAEC examinations Centre for many years to date.






Key features of SUBSEC

Approved SHS


Exams Centre


GNAPS Member


and also have a vibrant sports programme, including a partnership with Panest Football Academy.

Approved SHS

SINCE 2007

Exams Centre


GNAPS Member


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